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Peter Corporate Office Cleaning, Adelaide Australia

“We have known and worked with Joseph (owner) of AppBubba Web Design for 5 years. During this time our business has gone through many changes, and we have been very fortunate to have Joseph as our web designer, marketing guru and business colleague. Joseph is highly qualified in web design, IT, marketing and social media, to name a few. He is a great listener, understands that no two businesses are alike, and I would recommend him very highly to anyone launching a small business or re-launching their business after the impact of Covid-19.”

- Peter Corporate Office Cleaning, Adelaide Australia

Joy Aficionada/Happiness Coach, Ottawa Canada

“Outstanding, creative, great listener and sees what you don't! Thank you Joseph for your constant support and patience with all of my questions. I feel that you provided me with the best option for my start-up business at this time. You also helped me with my logo without me even knowing what I wanted creatively, which is a very rare occasion. Looking forward to working with you on more projects!”

- Joy Aficionada/Happiness Coach, Ottawa Canada 

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